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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moved !

Do relink me if you ever get on this page again ,


we used to be- 7:42 AM

Saturday, February 21, 2009

hello peeps . sorry for not blogging for the past few months . D: kinda busy though .

well , i these few days super busy with stupids tests and useless tuitions that are wasting my time . kinda stressed in sec four eh . almost everyday got stupid test/quiz/mock exam. wth .

anyway . i wanna wish happy birthday to those whose birthday is in febuary . especially , ziding , lynn , angie , erika , carina and chenning ahjie :D

i dunno wad to blog eh .

there are the top 10 actors/singers i wanna meet around the world .

we'll start the countdown!

10.) Vin Diesel

He's bald and hes a pacifier! wanna meet him cause i liked the movies he acted , like the pacifer, too fast too furious and triple x. i like his attitude the most . thats why i wanna meet him . haha

9.)Brad Pitt

He sometimes got hair sometimes no hair . He is Jennifer Aniston's ex husband and Current Angelina Jolie's husband. He's cool cause the way he acts is kinda funny and cool. movies like mr&mrs smith and the ocean series are nice as he addds a little humour to the movies. thats why i wanna meet him . :D

8.)Chris Brown

He's the guy who sang the hit single " With You ". He is currently with Rihanna and he is not even twenty! i like his dance moves. thats why i wanna meet him.

7.)Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson )

well , i wanna meet him in Edaward's character and not himself's . Hes cool, and the way he speaks is kinda amusing. haha . although he is kinda old (32 i think) he is still an icon for all twilight lovers around the world.

6.)Jennifer Love Hewit

Shes the girl who sees ghost and helps them to pass on :D i like her acting skills and i think she looks beautiful . haha . she acted in garfield also . my mum is also a fan of her . i think she has some knowledge of ghosts . thats why i wanna meet her .


She is cool ! i like her rock songs and they are easy to sing . her slow songs too . they are meaningful :D

4.)Jay Chou

i have been a fan of him since i was primary six! i love his songs! i have been supporting him since then . he is cool and he plays basketball and all kinds of sports . i liked it when he acted in Initial D. it was nice . i wanna meet him !

3.)Eva Longoria

Shes hot and thats the only reason i wanna meet her haha .

2.)Alice Cullen ( Ashley Greene )

Alice! she the sister of Edward Cullen and she has the power to see the future! she's good looking and shes a model .i love her happy and optimistic character (:

number 1! Jessica Alba :D

Shes hot ! the way she talk is so sweet :D i like her movies like fantastic four series and the eye . she is a celeb i like :D

we used to be- 2:40 AM

Friday, November 21, 2008

hello . guess this will be my only chance to use the com so ill use it to blog .
i have been locked up at my grandma's place for the past 3 weeks and im bored . since nobody is asking me out i bo bian must stay there lo ): sian . well anyway . i guess this will be a short post so dont expect anything much (:

i just read finish Twilight on tuesday . i think its interesting lah but then i read new moon first quater then feel veri emotional lol . my com's screen just crashed so have to use a temporary one which is soooooo small . lol . Oh im going taiwan for 10 days starting this sunday . guess wad ! ah girl also going taiwan . she say meet with her there . i said anything lo . but my mum say taiwan dangerous cannot anyhow go out alone . so sian =.= .

sorry gtg . my mum wan to use com to work =.= . bye people . do sms me! i do get bored most of the time . ):

we used to be- 7:23 AM

Friday, November 7, 2008

hellooooo people (: im back to blog .
well , finally end of bridging course , like finally! haha . but no school bored for me leh . i got to stay at home tuition tuition and study . i also dun wan face my mum lo . see her face sian 1/2 already lo .

well , lets me start something up . haha . im typing wad ever i can think of now .
hmmmm... oh yah ! i bought a fighting fish for 50 bucks . expensive hor ? nvm . worth it for me . win before competition for 2 years continuous eh . some more so nice . worth it lo .

hmmm... secondly , oh yah wednesday , we go find jia jin problem . cannot stand him already lo . kumar also see him not happy so he also come down to class and have a nice talk with him . talk behind my back still say never see me not happy . kaobeh lah this kind of people . say wad wan to change attitude then we dun give him chance . after you noe we not happy with you , you still continue like that . still say we din give you chance . wad nonsense is this . forget it dun talk all these stupid things liao .

i think this is good news to me eh . i think my mum let me promote already ! i bought textbooks for next year and she also said okay . so i think ill be seeing the same peeps next year (:
im into dj max these few days . was playing with natalie , lynn and carina dj max the pas two days . pro eh they . i can loose de haha .

sian dunno wad to blog liao lah . looking forward to class chalet on the 12 november! im missing you peeps already haha . its been so long since we gathered together . all of us have been busy with our sec 3 life . so thgat day is a good time for us to bond again . haha .

alright peeps im off to play psp already . ill try to blog as often now as i have more time to sneak to use my com .

we used to be- 4:59 AM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

hey people . sorry for not blogging all these while .

First up . I got promoted but my mum is not happy with me . she wants me to retain in sec 3 . i said that it may not be possible . then she said she will find a school that will accept me into sec 3 then . i really dont noe wad she wants . during mid year , she say i comfirm retain . i worked hard , and i got promoted in EOY . then she said teacher pull me up because my over all din pass . i tell her english plus 2 more subject can go sec 4 express already . she say teacher pull me up . i say whole singapore the standard like that . so i think she comfirm wan me to retain already lo . so theres a high chance that i will maybe transfer school .

Im just so sad now . i talked to my grandparents , aunt , and my tuition teacher . they all said that my mum should let me go sec 4 . if sec 4 not good then retake o lvl . but now the problem is that she keep thinking that i cannot even survive in sec 4 . wad the hell lah . soi sad lo . then my grandmother call my mother to talk to her about letting me promote . then my mum flare up started screaming all over the house threw the phone on the table then started crying like mad person like that . she went to her room and scream scream and scream . i went in she threw things at me and scream at me . i bo bian alone at home , scared like hell like that . i call my grandparents , aunt and father also call . After that my aunt and grandmother come to my house . my grandmother come in first then go in my mum room . my mum scream and throw things at my grandmother . after that my aunt come then some how she cool down and sleep liao . she went mad yesterday lah . my aunt stayed with me that night until this morning . scared like fuck like that . think i first time see my mum like that lo . siao one .

today still okay lah . but i din talk to her today . latr she go mad again i cannot do anything . 2molo going malaysia with grandparents , dun wan to see my mum . sian 1/2 lah . i retain she not happy . promote also not happy . i seriously dunno wad she wan lah . even my tuition teacher also say i should promote first then decide . he say he will help me call my mum and talk to her . i hope that he will really help lo . he say i retain or transfer also no use . i also no mood to study so might as well be with friends , then hav mood to study .

thanks for those i told that i maybe going to transfer and consoled me haha . thank you lah .
Esp :

thanks for sms-ing with me that half afternoon (:

Thank you for consoling me lah ahmei (: and i still want you this sister . haha

brother . you almost same fate with me . at least ur parents let you choose you want to retain or not .

you also another brother , say wad remember me by thinking that i owe you money . veri cute hor . haha . Brothers for life lah (:

ahgirl (: thank you for sms-ing with me that few nights lah . trying to make me smile also (: thank you lots lah .

yesterday night talk to you i feel better already (: just by hearing ur voice i happy enough liao . next time have chance we gossip again eh . haha .

all i can do now is hope lo . just hope that i stay in this school . i dun mind retaining . just want to stay here with friends can liao .

we used to be- 6:48 AM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

1. Spell your name without an A?
- my name dun hav any "a"s to begin with

2. Are you single?
- Yupps (: but feel lonely at times (:

3. Whats your favorite number[s]?
- 7, 11, 39

4. Least favorite color/s?
- yellow and purple. purple international gay colour =.=

5. What are you listening to?
- Wu Fa Gui Lei by Derrick Ho Wei Jian

6. Are you happy with your life right now?
- happy... wad else can i wish for? just kinda streessed with studies.

8. What was/is your favorite subject in school?
- Chinese , English and Geography

9. Do you shop at malls?
- sometimes (:

10. Where do you wish you were right now?
- On my bed sleeping like nobody business (:

11. What should you be doing right now?
- Sleeping =.= cause im sick ):
12. Do you have a crush on anyone?
- erm... you can say so

Can you blow a bubble?
- can (:

Can you roll your tongue?
- can also (:

Did you ever want to be a doctor?
- Doctor for animals. yes. doctor for humans. never thought about it

Do you like roller coasters?
- nopes. gives me a heart attack lol

Do you want to be a firefighter?
- nopes. i dun wan to die in a fire

What was the last thing you drank:
- FNN Grape.

- Boxers

- want to (: but cant and dun dare hahas

- (:

Do you hate liars?
- yupps.

3. Do you prefer "sensitive boys" or "tough guys"?
- IM not gay =.=

4. Do you prefer blonde or dark haired girls?
- hmmm... Jessica Alba (: both also hav

5. What have you done in your past that you regret?
- i did not study hard enough

6. Do you have a girl best friend?
- Of Course (:

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
- A chef? im not sure :/

8. Did you ever had your heart broken?
- Uncountable times.

9. Have you ever wanted someone but you knew you couldn't?
- Of course.

10. How are things between you and your parents?
- I love my mum. im not sure about my dad.

we used to be- 8:01 AM

hellos people finally i bothered to blog. im not feeling well so ill cut it short. i need my sleep again hahas. i decided that evrytime i blog. ill be changing my blog song cause you guys not sian i also sian liao hahas so each week (hopefully) i will change the song and let you guys enjoy my taste of music hahas. (:

well. get to the main point. im going to mug! mum promised me a lappy and a 400 gig hard disk if my 3rd term results are satisfied ((((: happy happy and next week new specs. i need ideas on wad new specs i should change to :/

hey guys, remember the tongue-twisting contest? tjose who were there, me and wei xiang were in the final few larhs and we got 3rd. the prize was a frikking story book =.= lame lah. and we had to bring back all our books under our desk. all the VP's fault lah .

oh yah tomorrow going malaysia tapled all my borther's pants. 7 in total including mine hahas. just now told my hama she chua tio lol hahas. my lime tree kenna sop many caterpillars now need more leaves liao if not all die sian.

orlena siaox ahmei now in tm all alone fixing her phone in nokia there. ask me pei her. i cant go eh :/ sick sick my mum dun lemme go out. sian. sleeping the whole day cause last night din sleep well.

omg im so tired now. i need to go back to sleep =.=
byes (: will update asap

we used to be- 2:38 AM


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